More kmailservice5 misery?

hey all, most recent update for Plasma5 caused kmailservice5 to take over “mailto:” links in konsole (again) I tried my fix as noted here with with no success.

I did not give up, no indeed I was not gonna give up on Plasma5 and run scampering to Gnome3 (ok, so I was tempted for a few seconds , then I remembered my last try of Gnome3)

I eventually located the answer

I edited /usr/share/applications/kmailservice5.desktop

replacing the
Exec=kmailservice5 %u


Exec=thunderbird %u

and so that its not over written

chattr +i /usr/share/applications/kmailservice5.desktop

and now mail links work in Konsole.

Hope this helps

More kmailservice5 misery?

is kmailservice5 ruining your Plasma5 experience?

After a good friend had a whinge about “mailto:” links in Konsole not opening up in Thunderbird, I checked my install to , and yes when you click an email address in Konsole it launched “kmailservice5” which just sat there consuming CPU cycles and not much else, seemingly without a timeout too.

Its important to note that I have an ArchLinux install , with a “minimal”ish Plasma5 desktop environment.

After much searching (xdg-open xdg-email mimetypes etc), I found the solution.

It is NOT a Plasma5 issue (…Surprise!!…)

The solution (well, my solution) is to start up Thunderbird, click on edit, then preferences, and check that Thunderbird is set to being the default email client… yeah, its that simples, should have looked there much earlier

Hopefully when someone searches for “disable kmailservice5” this post will be of use

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is kmailservice5 ruining your Plasma5 experience?