Cool Apps

Links and comments to applications I Use
Firefox a great, if not somewhat RAM hungry web-browser, it is very extensible via addons I currently have Vimperator, LastPass, DownThemAll, HTTPSeverywhere, PrivacyBadger, noscript, ublock-origin and xmarks installed.

Thunderbird this is THE email client for me, and although it is extensible , just like Firefox I tend to use it “vanilla” style.

Kodi is just fantastic for media playback, I use it on my ODROID-C1 , it has hardware acceleration and handles pretty much all the codecs at 1080p..

Konsole is my terminal emulator of choice, it is configurable, and integrates into the Plasma desktop other terminal emulators of note include LXTerminal and the old perennial Xterm if you are looking for a lighter terminal for a minimal setup try st as it sucks less


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