About (Redeux)


My nick is Hootiegibbon, I am an OpenSource software hobbiest.

I like alternative operating systems in general (no windows here ) especially Linux

My Linux of choice is ArchLinux and run it in x86, x86_64 and ARM varieties across various machines, including a Stone dual core “system-258”, a Cubieboard “CubieTruck“,an Odroid “C1” and various laptops used by members of my family (my kids – aged 6 through to 14 -all use ArchLinux on their computers) , I also have a NAS that runs Alt-F and have very recently purchased a TP-Link Router and flashed it with OpenWRT firmware

I used to exclusivly use lightweight / minimal applications and minimal desktop environments, now I use KDE and have a few good applications I use (which I will Add to the Apps page) as well as using CLI commands to get things done as they should be.

I will add more to this revived about page as time moves on