More kmailservice5 misery?

hey all, most recent update for Plasma5 caused kmailservice5 to take over “mailto:” links in konsole (again) I tried my fix as noted here with with no success.

I did not give up, no indeed I was not gonna give up on Plasma5 and run scampering to Gnome3 (ok, so I was tempted for a few seconds , then I remembered my last try of Gnome3)

I eventually located the answer

I edited /usr/share/applications/kmailservice5.desktop

replacing the
Exec=kmailservice5 %u


Exec=thunderbird %u

and so that its not over written

chattr +i /usr/share/applications/kmailservice5.desktop

and now mail links work in Konsole.

Hope this helps

More kmailservice5 misery?

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