Hootie’s here! (Redeux)

Now that I have myself a blog… what to do with it?.

I asked myself this back on 11/09/2011 when I first posted on this very blog, I am not a very good blogger, mostly because I am lazy, however now I find myself – after being whinged at by a good friend – thinking that perhaps now is the time for me to blog some of the solutions I find, some of the apps I like and some of the commands I learn

I decided to “un-do” this blog and start again, since Sept 2011 there have been a lot of changes in my life, personal and otherwise, and now I think I can get back into it.

I could self host this blog, but as I am still quite unsure how much use it will get for now it will remain on wordpress, I will have redirected my domain hootiegibbon.co.uk here

OK that will do for now,

I may return


Hootie’s here! (Redeux)

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